Sustainable Series Film “A’ina”, and Venus in daytime, at Palm Springs Farmers Market Saturday, April 22

Saturday, April 22 is Earth Day. The Palm Springs Certified Farmers Market Sustainable Series film, "A'INA - That Which Feeds Us", will be shown that morning at the nearby Camelot Theatres at 9:00 a.m.  The film explores the balance between truth and opinion, and sustainable agriculture and the need to feed a growing population. By documenting the power and beliefs of the Kaua’i people, the film asserts the conviction that change is possible and that it needs to come from within each one of us.

Before and after the short film, a member of the Astronomical Society of the Desert will set up a telescope at the Farmer’s Market for viewing Venus in daylight. The planet is now at its brightest and in crescent phase.



See Moon, Venus, Saturn close-up at predawn skywatch Sunday April 23

Four weeks ago, in late March, Venus passed nearly between Earth and Sun, and now from mid-April through mid-May, the cloud-covered inner planet shines at peak brilliance low in the eastern sky before dawn. To celebrate the occasion, members of the Astronomical Society of the Desert are offering a sky-watching session this Sunday morning, when Venus will appear close to the Moon.

The session will be in Palm Springs, on Sunday, April 23 from 4:30 a.m. until 5:30 a.m., on the pedestrian bridge crossing over Tahquitz Creek, at Camino Real between North and South Riverside Drives, three blocks north of Cahuilla Elementary School.

The predawn sky watch will include a tour of constellations we’ll be seeing on evenings in summer; close-up telescopic views of the crescent Moon; Venus at its brightest, also appearing as a crescent; and the rings of Saturn, now tipped as far as possible into our view.

The session is dependent on sky conditions. If the sky is clear, we’ll be there, with our telescopes. We hope you join us!

Clear skies!

Bob V.




Stay tuned for new events.



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