Lecture (Guest Speaker) Meetings  2007


JANUARY 12  -  Ashley McDermott, President of ASOD and Board Member of RTMC

FEBRUARY 9 - “From Earth To The Stars – Views From Hubble, Cassini, And Spitzer”-  Dr. Bruce Strathdee, Local Amateur Astronomer and Board Member of ASOD

MARCH 9 - Stephanie Slahor,  Noted Amateur Astronomer and Meteor Expert

APRIL 13 - "A Visual Tour of the Universe"- Bruce M Gottlieb, Avid Amateur Astronomer and ASOD Web Master and Publicity Director

MAY 11 - Robert Stephens,  Board member of RAS (Riverside Astronomical Society) and RTMC (Riverside Telescope Makers Conference)

JUNE - No Meeting

JULY - No Meeting

AUGUST - No Meeting

SEPTEMBER - No Meeting

OCTOBER 5 - "The Oceans of Titan" -  Dr. Gary Peterson, Professor of Geology, San Diego State University

NOVEMBER 9 - "Light Pollution" - Gail Newman, Dark Sky Association

DECEMBER 14 - "What's Up In The Sky For 2008" - Robert Victor, Editor of the Abrams Planetarium Sky Calendar


All meetings are held at Saint Margaret's Church in Palm Desert at 7:30 PM.  For directions

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